Saturday, February 26, 2011

The World Phones in Pizza Orders to Resist Oppression

Have you heard about Pizza ordered from Egypt in support of Wisconsin's protesters? People all over the world are phoning in orders to feed opposition to yet another example of Tea Party extremism, Governor Scott Walker's attempt to curtail collective bargaining rights. You can read about it here.

It seems that the protesters are doing more to stimulate the economy than the governor.

I can't help but think, though, about all that dairy being sold. Would vegans be involved in such a thing, or are we all too busy scanning recipe blogs for new ways to fill our bellies? Since it seems that many people who have recently taken it on see veganism as the latest fad diet, are we all sitting on our uninvolved behinds, thinking about how skinny those behinds have become, while the world is being made and lost all around us? I really hope it's not so.

Maybe I've just been looking at too many vegan blogs. I truly hope so.

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