Monday, February 21, 2011

Puritans Die Earlier

It was bath time for doggies, and I pet Snowball, the one who generally runs away, before picking her up. I spoke soothingly to her. She didn't pee when I grabbed her, as she sometimes does, possibly because of that old fight-or-flight reaction that, at least in part, justifies the word "nervous" in my blog's name. It takes one to know one. She'd be happier with some affection. She was.

Common sense to some and mush to others. Well, the "common sense" people develop better, live longer, and overall have a healthier life. "Mush" people don't fare so well. How 'bout some evidence?

The one who bravely yells "get a room" from a passing car when you're merely showing some moderate, healthy affection for your partner should maybe choose the phrase for an epitaph.

My tone may be a bit... satiric, but I say what I do out of concern rather than mockery. People, you've got to loosen up. And remember, a stranger's hand doesn't do the trick. Imperonal sex is just the other side of the repression coin. A lack of intimacy is a lack of intimacy is a lack of intimacy.

I think that the health side of physical affection is a good subject for this blog. This is only the beginning, like it or not! If you came here for recipes, may I direct your attention to about a billion other sites?

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