Monday, February 7, 2011

Pee on the Bee

Have you heard of the flies in urinals? No, not evidence of poor cleaning, actually aids to cleaning. Etched flies, put there because men seem to have an urge to aim at something. It keeps us from messing up the floor or walls or whatever. I wonder if it could have something to do with an instinct to mark territory.

In modern times, flies etched into pissoirs started at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, suggested by maintenance man Jos Van Bedoff about 20 years ago. He had remembered red dots used as targets from his stint in the Dutch army during the 1960s.

I encountered a bug target for the first time in a Rally convenience store bathroom. Mine was a little more... dangerous. Here it is.

Apparently, the idea's not new. Bees were used way back in late Victorian times.

Yes, this is a close up of a urinal. Sorry about the hair, but y'know, burying realities doesn't make them go away.


I did a tiny little bit of research. This waterless urinal is from Falcon Technologies, and as you can see, it uses a Sloan cartridge.

I felt better that I didn't in effect pour out a jug of water just to relieve myself, and I had a little toy to play with too! I should've chugged my drink before I went in.

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