Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They Beheaded Ronald McDonald!

No, that's not just a sensational title meant to attract search-engine traffic, some people actually did, according to Time. Oh, don't worry, it was just one of those fiberglass statues, or whatever they're made  of now. Here's how it all started:

These fiends are so wicked, they even stole away my ability to make the bottom bar of videos green! Anyhow, their demends were not met, as you might expect, and they made good on their threat.

Ooh! My my.

That's Finnish they're speaking, by the way. My first thought is, "Finland must be an interesting place." Maybe it's not terribly reasonable to size up a whole country based on a few individuals, but then again, maybe I enjoy imagining that there's some very interesting place out there somewhere. Ever the romantic.

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