Friday, February 11, 2011

I Dare You!

That's right! I dare you to tell me that perfection is possible. I double-dog dare you!

If you pursue a vegan diet, some day, at least a bit of that detested animal matter will pass your lips. Accidents happen. Unless you get struck down in the flower of your... well, whatever phase of life you're in.

And if you eat nothing but factory-farmed steak, chosen because it came from the worst and most torture-laden of factory farms, you're certainly not doing any better.

Just relax. Life's like that. It's how you face the trouble that counts. If you have a fit, you're losing the game. If you can choose your reaction, you're doing okay. Please just know, you'll never completely avoid troubles. The end.

The End.

See these guys? You can click and read the article. You can also figure out the connection yourself. Maybe there isn't one, even. How 'bout you do the work now?

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

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