Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lookee What I Found!

Curious after Stephen enlightened me about the troubles in traveling kosher, I did a little poking around online. Did you know that the only kosher McDonald's outside of Israel is in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Now imagine if that sign said "vegan." Tell me that you wouldn't be curious.

This fellow and I could eat together here. I wonder if it's one of the few that carries Boca Burgers. Anyhow, I'd have my sandwich on regular Italian bread, since it's the only kind they have with no honey or dairy.

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  1. Actually yes, I did. I still wonder how a kosher McDonald's ended up there.

    Subway has about 20 kosher restaurants across the US and is now, actually, the largest kosher chain restaurant in the US.

    Also Veggie Heaven is both Vegetarian and kosher (though not universally accepted) with several restaurants in the Northeast.

    Incidentally most McDoanld's in Israel are NOT kosher. Only in the tourist and most religious areas. McDonald's kind of markets themselves in Israel as the "unkosher rebel" in Israel. That being said, they all serve kosher meat (since in Israel its cheaper) and none serve cheeseburgers since they are deemed unpopular in the Israeli market.