Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hey Everybody, Look at My New Old Shirt

Yep, buy old stuff from thrift stores and avoid supporting all sorts of awful, Wal-Mart-y type things like sweat shops and environmental destruction. And you can find swell goodies if you're diligent. How 'bout this gem? It's made of thin, 50/50 material, the design is a transfer, and it still has its original price tag! When I pulled the tag off, the glue was dry and the paper was brittle.

Some design, eh? I'm partial to shirts from tourist attractions anyhow. The color has actually bled through to the back of the shirt a little. I'm thinking... thirty years old, about?

Now how much would a phonily-aged, vintage-style shirt from some big company cost you, and it doesn't look half as good as the real thing!

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