Friday, February 18, 2011

Cute and Then Not so Much: At an Antiques Auction

I'm a bottom feeder. I mean, you know you're not supporting sweatshops over self-sufficiency in some struggling country when you shop at a thrift store. I may think in terms of ethics, but I like nice stuff, and may I never become one of those stringent, anti-culture moralists. Caring about animals and people doesn't have to mean becoming tight-lipped about the aesthetic side of life. Pleasure is good.

Kat and I go to antiques auctions now and then, hoping to catch a rare bargain. Often, the sightseeing is more interesting than the actual bidding.

Sometimes, when cultural artifacts are just thrown together, the combinations say something about what people do. Here's a juxtaposition that says a lot I don't particularly want to hear, but it deserves two pictures, anyhow.

Oh! Have I stumbled into a nightmare?

Yep, a nightmare. I'm probably rolling around and disturbing Kat's sleep.

Wahhhh! Somebody pinch me and wake me up!


Of course there has to be food in there somewhere. It was Fritos for us. You need calories to live, y'know.

Torture, bloody murder, shredded flesh... it's not a nightmare, it's one of those movies I refuse to watch!

That does it! I'm hitting the off button...

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