Monday, January 31, 2011

Epcot, Part 1

I guess it depends on your dreams, though maybe if you 're staying at a resort, and you're quiet about it...

The future is brilliant orange, apparently.

Well at least they have hanging plants in the world of tomorrow.

It looks like you could cut yourself on it, though. Is the past an option?

The future is also full of neon, it would seem. If you're prone to headaches from rapidly-strobing lights, may I suggest a hunter-gatherer society? The more we're expected to tolerate, the more our genes become "weaknesses."

Ah, here we go. The devout but sensuous beauty of old Morocco, albeit in reproduction.

Falafel being an option, we naturally headed here. The young woman behind the counter, soft-spoken and not entirely comfortable with English, nevertheless was very accommodating. When I explained why I didn't want the tzatziki sauce on my falafel wrap, she also warned me about the lentil salad, and asked about substitutes. We had a tasty and very enjoyable meal, in spite of the price! The quality of falafel varies quite a bit, but the stuff we found here was well-made, dense and spicy. I'm afraid that, in all the excitement, I didn't take a picture of my wrap. All I have is a snap of the wreckage, as we picked the dead remains clean. I'm a work in progress, folks, and so is this blog.

Our experience in Morocco, prices aside, was surprisingly satisfying. I'd recommend it to any vegan exploring the sprawling excess of Walt Disney World. In fact, the ability to nourish ourselves here enhanced our experience very much. It's much harder to do all the footwork these parks require on pretzels and french fries, so nutrition is part of the enjoyment for the likes of us. It seems that there's something special about Epcot for vegans.

This is only part 1; More soon!

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