Tuesday, January 25, 2011

See, I'm Not Just Talking to Myself Here

I think Stephen deserves a promotion; He's now The Nervous Vegan's Official Expert on All Things Kosher. I only posted some musings about the selling of kosher foods, and wondered aloud about some similarities or differences with vegetarinanism and veganism, and without any prompting, he wrote me:

"The kosher market relies on non-Jews for its market. There are not enough observant Jews to make kashrut profitable on large scale. About 2/3 of the people who use kosher products do so for non-religious reasons. On the other hand, in the United States, well over half the products on supermarket shelves are certified kosher these days, and the number is increasing. Almost all large food companies manufacture at least some kosher products, as they have discovered the nominal costs for certification, especially when they are dealing with products that are generally kosher in the first place. Beverage or fruit or vegetable manufacturers don't require major changes to production. Its an easy way to increase market share with little expenditure."

And that's just a dashed-off message! Then he wrote to say that he's preparing something about traveling Jewish people who become vegetarian when in areas with low numbers of Jews. I can't wait! Keep a weather eye open, mateys...

And my Australian friend Holland wrote me something about pumpkins there. They're green. He was good enough to offer help to a strarving blogger, so I'll have a recipe from a genuine Kiwi friend of his, some simple but delicious pumpkin soup. Maybe I should make Holland the Official Expert on Veganism in the Southern Hemisphere. Or something like that. This is a work in progress, folks.

Anyhow, two more reasons to keep checking in!

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