Monday, January 17, 2011

Journey with Me, and Leave History Behind...

Well hello! How's every little thing?

Passing through the mists of time into a forgotten world. And the big ol' entrance gate too.

Now I'd read recently that dinosaurs' diets were very different from the portrayals in pop culture, but this new finding was quite a surprise...


Hey, we're talkin' here! Do you mind?!

You can just smell the prehistoric miasma. Or... well sorry. High-fiber diet and all... scrambled tofu for breakfast...

Da-a-a-a-d! I'm a punk! Punks don't have family game night! Punks don't play Scrabble! Correct spelling is oppression!

Yawwwwn. Ha, I caught it from you! Yeah, I'm feeling kinda tired too. Circadian rhythm, I guess. It must be about threeish.


Oh gee, an idea so old, it's got moss hanging all over it. Most dinosaurs were apparently vegan.

Nobody has told these guys about the choice some of their kind have been making lately.

The view before that last swallow.

Honey, are Pringles okay to eat? Should I look it up on my phone? Do we even want to support Procter & Gamble? Aww nuts, my stomach can just grumble...

The urinals that time forgot.

Tee hee. That's all.

Ancient poo!

With a deluxe resort attached, you know that this is some theme park.

No, we thoroughly enjoyed it, actually. I just jumped the fence to get those last few shots...

So that's Dinosaur World in Plant City, Florida, which is also known for its strawberries. We stopped at a produce stand by the side of the road on our way out, but that's for another post...

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