Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hit #100 Has Been Found!

I got tired of seeing 98 on the counter, so I made a promise on Facebook .The person who gave me the 100th unique hit, you see, would have a statement published in a post. After a bit of discussion, that hit turned out to be from my friend Palmer in North Carolina. He's far from vegan, so this is what he had to offer, likely in regards to the last post:

"Taco Bell Rocks! I mean, Taco Bell... it's full of rocks."

So there you have it. Palmer has spoken in his own inimitable fashion, and he tried to be accommodating too! Sorta. Though after all, in a pinch, a bean burrito minus cheese is better than getting faint from hunger, I'll tell the world.

Thank you Palmer, and everyone else for that matter, for giving this fledgling blog so much attention. I certainly didn't expect regular visitors so soon. And Japan, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Canada... well, thanks!

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