Monday, April 11, 2011

A Texas Police Officer Spraying a Cute Little Baby Squirrel With Pepper Spray

It's so-o-o-o tempting to judge this guy. It's hard not to wish that the old fears of lightning strikes were well-founded, to hope that some sort of wrath would fall upon him, leaving a pile of ash where he stood. Please be kind to him in the same measure that he was horribly unkind to this helpless creature. Just be better than that, or you're participating in the cruelty in your own way.

I promise I tried to get engaged in this response. I promise. It seems a bit opportunistic though. He's not really... saying anything at all. Eh...

And here's... eh... Guy Fawkes... gonna throw his... comic book collection? At you... eh... oh dear...

Wow, we're all in trouble. Poor little squirrel.

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