Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Decorah Eagles and Eagle Mania!

People love watching those eagles! You know, the live, streaming video of the bald eagle nest that I posted a few days ago? NPR is only the latest outlet to post a story about it in my Facebook feed. Kat and I have been fascinated by the care of the two hatched eaglets, and a third one's due soon!

I can't help myself, I've got to post it again. I'm not repeating myself, because the video's always changing.

These aren't the only parents of their kind to stir up interest. In my own area, a bald eagle's first flight just caused some excitement. Eh... please endure the ad...

The streaming video of the Decorah Eagles means something personal to me, because Kat and I are working to find a reasonable balance between simplicity and comfort, nature and civilization, self-sufficiency and connection with our fellow creatures, etc. I mean, humans are animals too. Do we see any evidence of insomnia due to worries about money or the future in these birds? No, they're simply going about their lives. They're just living, and they're doing it well.

Kat wondered aloud about the thoughts of one eagle while it just sat in the nest. I said that I thought there was very little going on in the creature's mind. Y'know, there are gurus and other spiritual and religious figures who have spent decades struggling to reach that state, and here are these eagles, these fellow living things, just doing it. And we humans have created most of the stuff we worry about! We've just got it wrong.

So I think there's an awful lot to learn from watching. I wonder if at least a small number among the million-plus viewers feel the same way.

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