Wednesday, April 13, 2011

200 Posts Later...

Yep, this is post #201! Not too bad considering that I started three months ago, give or take a few days. I seldom run out of stuff to say, I guess.

Things have changed a lot since I started this site a short time ago, and they just keep changing. Kat and I continue to work to build a life together. We're investing in the remainder of our days, so the growth goes deep, shaping who we are as individuals and together. Whatever our shared time has brought, I've returned to The Nervous Vegan with fresh thoughts, confident that, somehow, the blog will have a place in our future.

When we met, we were both already dissatisfied with life as it's now lived by the majority of people, and we're still striving to find a comfortable way to live under the radar, off the grid, and outside of the rushing throng. I started this site as a focal point for our explorations, and I trust that it will serve that purpose well, if not now, then at some other time.

I've talked about developing the basic concept here, my formula, and I concluded that it seems to grow organically rather than responding to any plan I could concoct. For the first time in quite a while, I find myself at a loss again.

I've started selling some writings online, so this blog has taken a different place in the scheme of my life. What I do here now will have to be the pinnacle of my online efforts. So how will I go on? What do I say? I'm not sure, but if I press ahead, I'm sure I'll find out.

Thanks to my regular readers for sticking with me this far. The best is yet to come!

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