Friday, March 18, 2011

Tampa's Loving Hut: Decor

Here are some shots from our visit last night. When I asked the manager if she minded my taking pictures for my blog, she was very accommodating, going into the back and turning on the lights for the big logo on the ceiling. Of course I got several shots.

Loving Hut in Tampa

Loving Hut in Tampa
Loving Hut in Tampa

The booths are Asian-style, with cushions inviting us to kick off our flip flops and cross our legs, what used to be called Indian style, and squatting before that. What do people call it now? A quarter lotus? You know, the kind of thing you do in a Japanese restaurant in those booths that simulate sitting on the floor? That's what we found here. I like it.

The view from our table. The screens ran quotes from many different religions, including various subsets of Buddhism, for most of the time. Baha'i, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and Shintoism were also in the mix. Suddenly, the visit became much more fascinating. There was... dare I say it? A theme-park aspect to the atmosphere. Here's a safe, comfortable adventure, air-conditioned and all! C'mon, are you scared of a little spirituality? You'll go on that thrill ride, but you can't enjoy this? I dislike roller coasters, but here's something interesting. And the food prices beat Disney's any day.

Hmm, there are choices to be made, but if I'm gonna put my feet up on the cushions, I'll have to wash them in the bathroom sink. We were tramping through dirt before this, and since we're not living in the ancient world, there's no place to kick off your sandals and wash your feet at the door. So off I go.

Now back to the table, with a bit more of a look around.

That's it for the surroundings. Next, the food. Mmmmm...

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