Monday, March 21, 2011

In-N-Out, Before-N-After

I wouldn't dare assert with certainty that any of these specimens of American youth look more happy afterwards.

Judging by his color, I'm kinda worried about the blood pressure of the guy in the black shirt. Is that a look of dyspepsia, bitter disillusionment, or angina in the "after" picture? Maybe he ate the bearded guy's food too, since Mr. Smirk seems to have barely moved. Not nice to take advantage of a friend's paralysis like that!

And I think the other two just got tastes of bile in their mouths at the same time.

Getting ready to munch on some In n Out Burgers in Tucson

Bellies FULL of In n Out Burgers in Tucson

And this is In-N-Out, the original drive-thru place, and one of the best among burger chains. Their buns have no preservatives, they cut the vegetable toppings and fries right there, the meat has no additives, and there are even little, hidden bible quote notations on the packaging for Where's-Waldo-type fun. Oh, and they're still privately-owned and don't franchise, and are better to their employees than others. That's why the chain has such a cult following in the West.

If you're interested in the culture of In-N-Out, a small burgerist denomination, but characterized by its strong faith, you can discover the secret menu. Ooooh! Mystery!

So I'm glad these folks didn't eat at McDonald's, or there would be a paramedic in the scene somewhere.

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