Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Search Terms: A Found Poem

I guess my fine art background is showing here. While viewing my stats, I thought that this was an interesting read in itself. These are the search terms that have led people to my site so far, in order of how many times each was used, and when it gets down to one each, the order is chronological, from newest to oldest. If nothing else, it has a little bit of value as voyeurism, or for musing on internet traffic. Enjoy!
jani leinonen
"the best picture on the internet"
the nervous vegan
prince of tofu
ronald mcdonald vs wendy
this is hormel
Eustace Conway girlfriend 2011
duck stampede
david mintz toffuti
florida strawberry festival vegan
Mintz the prince of tofu
Vegan lawn fertilizer
japan emperor earth
ronald mcdonald artwork
pee compost
"food liberation army"
in n out vegan
richard proenneke wife
pirates of the caribbean 44th anniversary
mexican ronald mcdonald
"food liberation army" leinonen
the prince of tofu
headless mcdonald
are tofutti products pas yisroel
'Bet Samech Daled' in hebrew
duck stampete
Minz the prince of tofu
strawberry festival
earthquake tho
nervous problems vegan
are vegans nervous?
 There now.

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