Thursday, March 10, 2011

Church-Sign Scandal Averted!

The American Southeast, it seems to me, is singular in many ways, but this really stands out: Churches here use the kinds of signs you'd post the catch of the day on to convey Christian messages. I've been through the West and the Northeast, and I've never seen such a preponderance. While remaining respectful, some people develop an eye for humor in the signs. My friend Palmer in North Carolina is just such a fellow. He let me post this one.

Oh... my... goodness! Um... eh... not sure what to say... not exactly comfortable...

Ahhh, see. Two letters have fallen. Was it some opposing wind that knocked them down, or does the Christian God want to remind us to keep our senses of humor alive? Draw your own conclusions.

Good fellow that Palmer is, he replaced the letters. There now! Whew!

By the way, there's a site where you can generate your own funny church signs. Enjoy!

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